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Rich soil, Rich history

With over 26,000 acres land, CanMar Foods is committed to providing healthy, nutritious foods to people. CanMar Foods farms are located at Indian Head and Colfax, Saskatchewan. As far back as 1882, people were attracted to the fertile land in the area. In 1887, one of Canada’s first agricultural research stations was established to research crops and dry land agricultural practices. The town of Indian Head was incorporated in 1902 and was one of the world’s largest initial shipping points for wheat.


CanMar Foods

CanMar is a Family Owned company that ships flax around the world. We are proud to have strong relationships with farmers across Canada who have a great reputation for producing the highest quality flax in the world. Watch to learn more about our process and our commitment to traceability.


CanMar Farms are Family Owned and our CanMar Organic farms are located near Lemberg and Lang, Saskatchewan.

Just like our conventional operations, our organic farm dedicates their efforts to maintaining or improving soil health and fertility. On our farms, we practice zero tillage and do not irrigate, because it is not necessary.   Through these efforts, our 2,100-acre organic farm meets all Canadian Organic Standards and Regulations.

Our farms are located less than 100 kms from the plant.

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Adding CanMar whole seed or milled roasted flaxseed & hemp seeds to your products not just deliver nutritional advantages but also enhances the clean label opportunities. To place an order or make an inquiry, drop us a line.

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