Supercharge your breakfast

The 30-Day Roasted Flax Breakfast Challenge

Roasted flaxseed is a versatile seed with a nutty toasted taste that can be incorporated in both sweet and savory foods. Add, top, mix, blend, bake or sprinkle – the possibilities are truly endless! Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and incorporating roasted flax in the breakfast menu is as easy as 1 -2-3. While everybody has different eating habits and eats different foods for breakfast, we gathered many ideas on how to incorporate roasted flax in a breakfast. Let’s start a habit and take the 30-Day Flaxseed Breakfast Challenge!

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How the challenge works:

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    30 Days- 30 Ways of Roasted Flaxseed

    1. Add to cold cereals.
    2. Add to porridge.
    3. Add to cream of wheat.
    4. Sprinkle on overnight oats.
    5. Make a flax mug.
    6. Mix roasted flax in your muesli.
    7. Prepare a roasted flax granola.
    8. Blend into a smoothie.
    9. Make a flax milk shake.
    10. Top your yoghurt.
    11. Blend into quark or SKYR (Islandic yoghurt).
    12. Mix with peanut butter.
    13. Sprinkle a cream cheese bagel with roasted seeds.
    14. Dip fruit slices in roasted flax.
    15. Spread roasted flax on toast.
    16. Blend into apple sauce or other fruit sauces.
    17. Drink in a fruit juice.
    18. Mix into Nutella spreads.
    19. Add a tablespoon flax to scrambled eggs.
    20. Mix milled roasted flax into a pancake mix.
    21. Add milled roasted flax to the waffle batter.
    22. Add to an omelette mix.
    23. Bake a flax muffin.
    24. Bake a roasted flax scone.
    25. Incorporate into home made bread.
    26. Make a banana bread with roasted flax.
    27. Top home- made cinnamon buns with roasted flax.
    28. Make a non baked roasted flax granola bar.
    29. Incorporate roasted into a pie shell for a festive quiche.
    30. Blend into cold water and drink.