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Happy & Healthy Pets

Pet owners expect the same from pet food what they expect from their own food: Nutritious ingredients with associated health benefits that are tasty, safe to consume and sustainably sourced.

Premium Pure Golden Flax Oil for Pets

We use proprietary technology to offer the purest & tastiest flax oil for your pet.

  • Cold pressed
  • Micro filtered
  • Non GMO
  • Source of plant based Omega-3 ALA
  • Grown & Made in Canada

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Boost your pet food

Flax oil can be a beneficiary addition to any pet food and provides an exceptional mix of healthy fatty acids. On a per weight basis flax oil contains 57% Omega-3 ALA, 16 % Omega-6 LA, 18 % monounsaturated fatty acids, 9 % saturated fats. Flax oil is considered the richest source of plant- based Omega-3 ALA.

Flax oil will boost the omega-3 ALA content of the existing pet food and balances the ratio of omega-6 to Omega -3s. Omega-3s are essential fatty acids for humans and animals and must be obtained by diets.

Omega-3 supplementation in pets is based on balancing the omega-6 -Omega-3 ratio. Balancing the two essential fatty acids is important for proper cell functionality.

Shiny & healthy looking coat

Omega-3s are a vital part of cell membranes keeping body cells flexible and functional for transport and nutrient exchange – most noticeable in a healthy and shiny coat.

Omega-3 rich diets in animals have been reported to help:

  • improve skin and coat quality
  • improve joint pain
  • reduce inflammation, which is associated with obesity, diabetes, arthritis and cancer.

Small amounts with big results!

Application is easy and convenient.
1 tsp (5 ml) provides 3.5 Omega-3 ALA.

Drizzle over dry food or mix into wet food. Flax oil is produced from a sustainable & non GMO sourced crop, and provides plant based nutritional value without interfering taste.