The Flax Oil Difference

Premium golden Flax Oil

Using proprietary technology, we offer premium golden flax oil made from organic and conventional flaxseeds. All flaxseed used for extraction comes from non gmo flaxseed sources. CanMar’s flax oil is considered one of the purest and tastiest flax oils on the market. We use cold pressing technology and micro filtration processes that filters down to the micron. The result leaves the oil pure without sediments and lignans present in the oil.

  • Non GMO – Kosher
  • Cold Pressed & Micro Filtered
  • Available as Organic& Conventional Flax Oil
  • Shelf life stability up to two years (unopened)
  • Grown and Made in Canada

Boost your omega-3 intake

Flaxseed has been cultivated in the Canadian prairies for decades and is valued for its abundance of healthy oils. The extracted oil made from flax seeds provide a unique mix of healthy fatty acids that is low in saturated fats and very high in essential fatty acids particularly the Omega-3 ALA. The two fatty acids Omega-3 ALA and Omega-6 LA in flax oil are considered essential because the body needs them. They need to be obtained by food sources because our body cannot product them.

Flax oil provides the highest content of plant based omega-3 ALA polyunsaturated fats with an exceptional ratio of Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio of 1:3.5.