Packed full of nutritional benefits


CanMar’s roasted hemp seeds are a complete protein source that packs all 9 essential amino acids into every bite. Our body relies on obtaining essential amino acids through food sources as we are not able to produce those important building blocks ourselves to build muscle, skin, organs, blood and much more. It’s like a puzzle if one piece is missing the product is not complete. This especially important for vegans and vegetarians who rely on plant based protein.


Perfect OIL

Omega-3 ALA |Omega-6 LA| Gamma Linolenic Acid GLA
Hemp seed contains 80 % of its fat as polyunsaturated fats the so called “healthy fats” providing the essential fatty acids Omega-3 ALA and Omega-6 LA in an ideal balance. In current Western diets the scale has tipped too far toward the omega-6s consumption revealing ratios up to 20:1 =0mega-6 to Omega-3. The WHO suggests increasing the intake of Omega-3s into the diets and thereby lower the ratio to 4:1 to increase health benefits. Hemp seeds deliver an ideal ratio of O-6:O-3= 3:1 to help correct the imbalance in the Western diet
Hemp seed stands out by providing Gamma Linolenic Fatty Acid GLA C18-3 (n-6) a rare fatty acid with anti inflammatory properties studied in the prevention of inflammatory diseases and heart disease.


Perfect FIBRE

CanMar’s roasted Hemp Seeds are complete seeds. We do not hull or shell our hemp seeds but leave them intact as nature has provided them. This way we keep the important fibre shell intact providing 100% of the fibre in the seeds. Hemp fibre consists mostly of insoluble fibre that is so important for providing bulk to our digestive system to help control constipation and bowel movements.
Today’s recommendation for fibre aim for 25-30 g fibre/day. CanMar’s roasted hemp seeds provide 32 % of the daily value (%DV) for dietary fibre in one single serving! Roasted hemp seeds are a very high source of fibre


Perfectly FULL of

Hemp seeds take a lead in providing high amounts of structural minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, potassium, copper, and Vitamin E & B.
Based on a 30 g serving roasted hemp provide a high percentage of a person’s daily needs in nutrients and minerals expressed as daily value ( DV*). 26% DV of iron, 28% DV of magnesium, 126 % DV of manganese, 20 % DV of phosphor and 14% DV of zinc.



CanMar Organic Roasted Hemp Seeds are naturally gluten free. While most gluten free substitutes are missing fibre and important trace minerals, hemp seed is high in fibre protein and trace minerals. Roasted Hemp seeds are an ideal addition for the gluten free diet.


Perfectly FREE OF

Roasted organic hemp seeds equals hemp: there is nothing added or taken away. Organic Hemp Seeds come as natural as they are grown in nature. Hemp seeds are free of foreign substances. Roasted hemps seeds are cleaned and gently roasted –that’s it!

CanMar Organic Hemp Seeds are carefully produced in a nut/dairy/egg free facility; making it safe for your whole family and safe for schools.