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CanMar Roasting Process

CanMar has a patented roasting process in Canada. This unique roasting process using specially designed equipment’s gently roasts the flaxseeds and hempseeds without losing any of its nutritional value. CanMar’s roasting process adds a nutty taste & aroma and a crunchy texture to seeds. Thermal processes such as roasting are generally designed to reduce microbial load and removes antinutrients that occurs naturally on raw seeds.

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From our farm to your spoon

Our flaxseed is processed in our Regina facility with the highest quality.

All of our roasted flaxseeds are created in our state-of-the-art facility, and we have meticulous quality control over every aspect, giving our customers a superior product every time.

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Taste the difference

Our roasted flaxseed maintains all the nutritional properties you expect from quality flax while achieving a delicious, nutty roasted aroma and crunchy texture. We offer premium quality flaxseeds on the market, with varieties including roasted whole seed, milled and flour. Who knew flax could taste so good?!

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