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Hemp FAQs

  • How is roasted hemp different to hemp hearts?

    CanMar’s Organic Roasted Hemp Seeds are complete seeds. We do not hull or shell our hemp seeds but leave them intact as nature has provided them. By keeping the seeds as natural as grown in nature we leave the important fibre component of the hemp seeds intact thereby providing a complete nutrition from the complete seeds. In contrary hemp hearts have the shell and therefore most of the fibre part removed keeping just the nut and oily part of the seed.
  • Why do you keep the fibre part on the hemp seeds?

    Our company motto is enhancing nutrition for a healthier world. Therefore we want to keep the seeds intact and natural as they have been grown on our organic land. Fibre is an essential part in our diets as fibre plays an important role for our health and well being. The new Canada Food Guide has increased the need for fibre from 20g/day to 25-30 g emphasizing the importance of fibre intake.
  • Is the protein content the same in hemp seeds and hemp hearts?

    The short answer is no, the long answer is yes considering that hemp hearts have the shell removed and reduced the total weight of the seeds, therefore hemp hearts are able to claim higher protein content as the important fibre shell is removed. CanMar roasted hemp seeds provide 8g complete protein/serving or 14% of the protein needs for a 70 kg person.
  • Why do you roast hemp seeds?

    Organic hemp seeds are roasted for extra crunch, roasted flavor and aroma and carefree enjoyment. Roasting adds a nutty flavor and extra crunch -that’s why whole roasted hemp seeds can be consumed as such without the need of hulling or milling. Eat whole roasted hemp seeds rightout of the bag and enjoy the super crunch! In addition, the roasting provides microbial control for a carefree enjoyment of the seeds. Consumers can chew on seeds carefree and enjoy the nutritional and culinary benefits of the seeds.
  • How can I use Roasted hemp seeds?

    Roasted hemp seeds are super crunchy. There are no limits on how and where to add roasted hemp seeds. May it be a snack just right out of the bag or to top a salad, smoothie, yogurt or dessert. Try blending the seeds into a shake or smoothie. Milled roasted hemp seeds are an ideal ingredient for baked goods, sauces or to blend into a yogurt or shake. Add some hemp -add nutrition!
  • Can I bake with Roasted hemp milled?

    Yes, milled roasted hemp seeds can be used in a variety of baked goods. As hemp seed is gluten free it is missing the structural protein that stabilizes baked goods. Therefore we recommend to replace only part of the flour in a recipe with hemp i.e. ¼ cup in muffin or loaf recipe or 10 % of the flour in a bread recipe. Check out our website for inspirational recipes with roasted hemp seeds.
  • Does roasted hemp seeds contain any THC?

    The hemp industry has worked on reducing the potential of THC content in hemp cultivars in the recent years. CanMar’s test results show a below 0.001 % THC content in roasted hemp seeds. At those minimum levels literature and research confirm no significant effect of intoxication or negative impact on human health or drug testing (Leson et al., 2001).
  • How much roasted hemp seed should I consume per day?

    Our serving size suggests 30 g roasted hemp seeds or 4 tbsp/ day. Depending on your eating patterns or diet one can start out with 2 tbsp/day and slowly increase the amount to 4 tbsp (30g) to adjust to the addition fibre. Make sure to include enough water to drink.
  • Why do I need to refrigerate an opened bag of roasted hemp seed?

    Organic hemp seeds are roasted, then packaged right away for perfect freshness through the entire shelf life. The high amounts of Omegas in hemp seed make them more sensitive to oxidation. That’s why we recommend storing open bags in the refrigerator. Look for the refrigeratorator icon on the bag!
  • How much Omega-3 in a 30 g serving of roasted hemp seed?

    There are 2 g Omega-3 /30g serving of roasted hemp seeds. The ADI Adequate Daily Intake for Omega-3 ALA is set by the Institute of Medicine at 1.1.g/d for women and 1.6 g/d for men. One serving of organic roasted hemp covers your daily Omega-3 ALA needs plus allows for some extra!
  • Do I need to ground whole roasted hemp seeds?

    Whole roasted hemp seeds are super crunchy and can be eaten right out of the bag without the need of milling. We did the milling for you with our Milled roasted hemp seed product for applications that need a floury product.
  • How does hemp seed contribute to a gluten free diet?

    Hemp seeds are naturally gluten free and CanMar’s roasted hemp seeds are cleaned, roasted and packaged in our facility, where no gluten containing ingredients are processed. Adding organic roasted hemp seeds to a gluten free diet adds valuable nutrients!
  • How much net carbs are there in roasted hemp seeds?

    The majority of carbs in Organic Roasted Hemp Seed is dietary fibre. There is less than 1 g of net carbs per 30 g serving roasted hemp seeds.