Gently roasted for flavor and extra crunch!

Complete Nutrition from Complete Seeds

CanMar’s Organic Roasted Hemp Seeds are complete seeds. We do not hull or shell our hemp seeds but leave them intact as nature has provided them. This way we keep the important fibre component of the hemp seeds providing a complete nutrition from the complete seeds.
The special CanMar Roasting Process gently roasts the cleaned natural hemp seeds for a super crunchy texture, nutty taste and carefree enjoyment. Whole roasted hemp seeds do not need to be milled but are ready to eat right out of the bag. Super crunchy & super nutritious! Enhance your health with high quality seeds.

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From our farm to your spoon

CanMar’s Organic Hemp Seeds provide wholesome nutrition from the entire seed. Gently roasted for flavor and extra crunch. Seeds are roasted and packaged in our Regina facility.

All of our roasted hemp seeds are created in our state-of-the-art facility, which is organic certified. We have meticulous quality control over every aspect, giving our customers a superior product every time.

Hemp for everything

Hemp is one of the oldest crops in the world. It has been used for thousands of years as source of food, medicine and clothing. Modern consumers have recognized the great nutritional value and functional ingredients of hemp seeds and discovered its many uses as food source, ingredient and health food product. Hemp seeds become part of the hottest developments in the food and ingredient industry.
The new Canadian Food Guide emphasizes the inclusion of a variety of seeds in the diet and hemp seeds have a lot to offer.

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