Nutritional value, functional applications

CanMar flaxs adds nutritional and functional value to wholesale products.

CanMar flax wholesale products offer a wide range of applications in the food industry.

Bakery Products

Added nutritional value based on powerful omega-3s, soluble & insoluble fibre and protein.

Snack Products

Small amounts with a powerful impact - added nutritional power with just one added ingredient.

Beverage Products

Flax is a natural hydrocolloid with soluble fibre and protein that provides clean functionality as a thickener and binding agent to replace ingredients such as guar guar in drinks, ice cream and dairy products.

Dairy Products

Clean label opportunity for omega-3 nutrient and health claims.

Clean Labels

Utilizing flax offers label opportunities for gluten free and nut free products.

Mixes & Blends

High functionality of flaxseed mucilage gum provides innovative capabilities and nutritional values.

Bakery Products

Flaxseed provides added nutritional value and functionality to any bakery products or snacks. The high omega-3 content in flax seed offers opportunities for omega-3 nutrient and health claims. Roasted golden or brown seeds add texture, flavor and aroma to many baked goods. Roasted whole seeds are crispy toppings and seed ingredients. For gluten free baked goods CanMar flaxseed provides assurance with all products being produced in a gluten free certified facility.

Added plant based nutrition

Flaxseed is the perfect little seed packed with nutrients. The essential elements in roasted flaxseed are plant-based omega-3s and proteins, lignans and soluble & insoluble fiber. Flaxseed is the highest source of omega-3 fatty acids in the plant world and provides 800x more lignans than other seeds. Added CanMar flaxseed provides clear opportunities for clean labels and nutrient and health claims. The combination of all nutrients in flaxseed show proven health benefits. CanMar flaxseed enriches vegetarian and vegan products with essential omega-3 fats, plant based protein and lignans. CanMar Foods is gluten free certified, all products are nut/dairy/egg free produced.

Pet Food Products

Flaxseed is an ingredient packed with powerful nutrition for pet food. Rich in omega-3 ALA, fibre protein and antioxidants that support pet health. Flaxseed is local, sustainable and provides plant based nutrition for a nutritionally balanced formulation. Adding flaxseed to pet food products provides clean and nutrient/health claim opportunity.