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Get your daily flax & hemp, any time, any meal.

Roasted flax and hemp seeds are easy to add to any meal of the day. Whether you’re craving breads, cookies, meatballs or soup, there’s a recipe for you. It can be as simple as mixing it into a smoothie or working it into a guacamole for taco night.

Flax Flour Cheese Crackers

These keto-friendly cheese crackers will be your favorite snack Serving Size: 24…

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Gluten- Free Flax Flour Bread Sticks

These Gluten-Free Flax Flour Breadsticks are absolutely delicious! Serving Size: 15

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Keto Spinach Flax Spanakopita

This delicious keto-friendly spinach feta Spanakopita is a quick lunch recipe.  …

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Carrot Walnut Flax Flour Cupcake Bites

These carrot walnut flax flour mini cupcakes are an ideal comfort food…

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1 Minute Flax Flour Pumpkin Spice Muffin

This single-serve quick microwave flax flour mug muffin recipe is your healthy…

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Gluten-Free Flax Flour Macrons

This delicious gluten-free recipe makes 15 macarons (~30 shells)

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Gluten-Free Fudgy Flax Flour Brownies

This fudgy chocolate brownie makes you drool with a healthy twist! Serves…

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Easy Vegan Flax Stuffing

A festive stuffing with a healthy twist! Serves 4-5

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Autumn Orange Shake

Serves 3

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Vegan Ginger Bread Cookies

Vegan Gingerbread Cookies are perfect for your holiday baking schedule.  These spiced…

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